Pregnancy Testimonials

I really enjoyed Alice’s classes. I actually had no idea how beneficial the knowledge would be during labour and birth, I was so on top of my breathing and managing pain and it's all down to the lessons I learnt with Bucks Pilates!! One thing you didn't mention was quite how hard it was to breathe through the pain at the top of a contraction!!! Wow, just wow!  I never would have understood anything about Hypnobirthing without the additional information given at the end of the class as way of a handout.  Fiona

Well what can I say, I just made it to Stoke last Monday, fully dilated and ready to give birth but unfortunately the little one wasn't 100% right so it took a little bit longer than midwives expected. My son and I were back home after 5 hours so happy as all went as natural as I wanted. 

Thanks for all your help Alice and Bucks Pilates.  Kathleen

Delighted to introduce my son, born this morning by emergency c section, 2 weeks early! It all started early hours of Tuesday morning.  Sophie

Alice, just wanted to let you know that our baby arrived last Wednesday morning. We had him at Wycombe birth centre and luckily things went quite smoothly, largely thanks to the breathing techniques you taught which meant I could stay at home for longer. Although I perhaps cut it a bit fine as was 9cm by the time I got to Wycombe!  Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to Alice and Bucks Pilates for all the advice and preparation you taught, it was massively beneficial to me.  Sarah

Thanks for all your tips and tricks over the last few months, it all really helped in labour and I got through with just gas and air using your breathing tips and the feet wiggling to let off adrenaline!!!  Nat

I want to say how much I enjoyed Alice’s classes. It was a really difficult pregnancy in terms of doctors telling us various things were wrong with my baby via scans. My baby is totally healthy.  Bucks Pilates classes gave me a real chance to relax and just focus on my baby. I am very much looking forward to joining your Mother & Baby and Fitness classes once life has a bit more predictability!!  Gabi

Thank you to Alice and Bucks Pilates for your Pilates sessions. I do believe that he was so relaxed at birth and I was able to labour so easily because of all the prelabour exercises and hypnobirthing techniques I embraced. Thank you also Steve for you acupuncture/pressure and reflexology advice and support, it may not have directly initiated labour but again it provided the three of us with the knowledge and ability to do things our way and remain calm. I was so calm in fact that I told my partner not to waste time helping me as this clearly couldn't be labour, he needed to save his energies for when the contractions started. So whilst I chilled out listening to some tunes my partner read his book, both completely unaware that the uncomfy feeling I had had for the past 12 hours or so was in fact the first stage contractions!! Nat  

I just wanted to let you know that our gorgeous little girl arrived in July, 2 weeks early!  I also wanted to thank Alice as I used a lot of the breathing & movement exercises that we did to help me get through the labour! It really really helped & made it more bearable! Emily

Alice's Pilates class is a wonderful combination of doing something good for your body, mind & baby. It’s the perfect class for me as I love Pilates as a form of exercise. As a midwife, I have delivered many babies & attending the class as a mum to be has been incredibly beneficial. I've met & shared with other Mums which is invaluable. I'm strengthening my body for the birth & after & I'm calming my mind & giving it strength too. Alice does a wonderful job of uniting all these factors & sharing her own knowledge & invaluable experience with the group. It's a must on my list of things to do when you're pregnant & preparing for birth! Gretchen

Bucks Pilates classes are a great way to meet people with a common cause! I look forward to the sessions - it's fantastic to have a range of techniques that could be used in preparation and during labour - I particularly enjoy the relaxation part at the end of the class and struggle every time to not actually fall asleep during it! Alice is a very informative teacher and offers lots of practical advice - so it feels as though you are getting value for money - I will definitely be investigating Alice's classes post birth! I would recommend joining these sessions as it gives you a bit of you time but it’s also great for baby bump too. Thanks Alice : )  JR  

Alice is a great instructor, as well as being very welcoming she is so knowledgeable and passionate on her subject. Being a mum of three it probably helps as she knows what we're all going through. It's great thinking about the core muscles and building strength in a safe way as well as doing a lot of focus on pelvic floor which is vital for all mums! I recommend the Bucks Pilates class as you work your body is a safe way and feel great afterwards. You also have a chance for relaxation and chat with other mums to be.  Fiona

Just to let you know our baby girl was born yesterday.  I managed with just gas and air and the VERY handy breathing techniques taught by Alice and Bucks Pilates! Thank you! Please keep me informed of your Mother & Baby and Fitness classes!  RG 

A brilliant way to see you through your pregnancy I can't recommend Alice and her Bucks Pilates classes enough, I enjoyed them so much that I went two sessions each week. The relaxation is vital for working mums with bumps and I found it to be the only real time that I could concentrate on bump and me without interruption. Alice is a truly lovely teacher and I'm really glad I have had the pleasure of joining her class. The biggest thing for me is the focus on labour, breathing and also your pelvic floor - you won't get better preparation anywhere else! A must for every pregnant lady. KK 

Bucks Pilates Pregnancy classes kept me sane during the last trimester of my pregnancy. Everyone told me to take it easy, put my feet up….I was sick of feeling like a couch potato! In the Pregnancy Pilates class, I felt ‘normal’ again. I could challenge my body in a safe way. I also gave birth squatting, I wouldn’t have been able to do this before the classes. Alice helped me to build up my endurance and strength in preparation for labour. I would highly recommend Alice’s classes and will be attending them again if we have another child. I have met some lovely friends through these classes! Thank you, Alice.  EMB 

My daughter was born on Tuesday morning and she was sooooo late - 12 days! Luckily the 4th sweep worked and I didn't have to be induced and I had the natural birth I wanted. I managed on 2 paracetamol and Alice’s breathing techniques until the 2nd phase when I had a bit of gas and air! Thank you so much for all the advice you gave us on birthing positions and breathing. I tried to remember it all when I was in labour and used lots of the techniques and consequently felt like I had lots of tricks up my sleeve to manage the pain. Please tell all your ladies that they can do it without loads of drugs if they just have confidence in themselves! The Birthing Centre in High Wycombe was exceptional and I received first class care. I can't recommend it highly enough.   I'd love to continue with Bucks Pilates Mother & Baby and Fitness classes when I'm allowed.  JK

I've really enjoyed Alice's Pregnancy Pilates course. This is my second pregnancy, and it's been great to spend some time each week focusing on this pregnancy and baby. Alice has some invaluable tips for labour preparation, as well as exercises for pelvic floors. It's been good to hear how other Mums-to-be are getting on and have a chat about how people are coping with all the niggles (and the heatwave!). I'm looking forward to the Bucks Pilates Mother & Baby and Fitness classes after the birth.  Lizzy

Alice's class has been such a great part of my pregnancy because it’s made me do some essential exercise, learn invaluable tips on movement and breathing for labour, as well as meeting other mums to share advice and tips. It also has a great way of making you feel that your worries and aches and pains aren't just yours, but other mums to be as well which is very reassuring. I feel much more prepared for what's to come in labour than I would have done without the class. Looking forward to Mother & Baby and Fitness classes!  Catherine

I loved each weeks Bucks Pilates, Pregnancy class. It was great to have an hour each week after work to talk bumps, work out those pelvic floors and sort out the weeks pregnancy twinges (it really did help with these!) When I got pregnant, I was looking for a class which would give me a bit of physical preparation for the birth, but Alice’s classes offered a lot more and also covered breathing, how to do different pelvic floor exercises (who knew that there was more than just clench and hold!) and hints and tips from Alice and other mums who had been through it all before which was great. The classes definitely gave me more confidence in the whole pregnancy process all the way from week 15 through to 38! Can highly recommend the class. Catherine

Bucks Pilates offer fantastic classes for pregnancy. There is a great mix of movement and 

relaxation. I looked forward to it weekly and felt great thereafter.  NB

Alice’s Pilates class gave me a bit of me time and made me concentrate on my body.  The breathing techniques were very useful during the birth of my daughter. The Pilates classes gave me confidence to try different positions during labour.  JM

Fantastic Pilates class for pregnancy.  Great mix of movement and relaxation.  I looked forward to the classes each week and felt great thereafter.   NB

Great atmosphere.  Alice is a great teacher with lots of knowledge.  It’s a happy place to be.  SSMC

Alice and Bucks Pilates pregnancy classes are very informative (felt like a combined antenatal class) which is great!  The classes are fun and varied and then lovely music to relax to at the end.  EY

Bucks Pilates Pregnancy classes are a great in giving us a safe way to build the muscles to carry the baby and give birth!  Safe but not easy, the classes are definitely a real work out :) Really like hearing some examples of real life births from the other women.  HH  

The Bucks Pilates classes and Alice are very welcoming and the classes are enjoyable for all stages of pregnancy KP  

Alice’s classes are informative about pregnancy & labour. The exercises are designed to help with labour & post birth recovery.  SC

Alice’s classes promote a relaxed atmosphere and Bucks Pilates pregnancy classes are very informative.   The classes are held in lovely venues and the fab song lists to motivate me to come! GKM

Alice is a friendly and welcoming instructor; I have always looked forward to her classes. The Bucks Pilates pregnancy classes are a wonderful way to exercise safely whilst also spending time connecting with your baby. I have made some great friends from Alice’s classes!   AT

Bucks Pilates and Alice have given me confidence for a natural birth after a C section. It has been nice to meet other mums.  CR

I found the class to be good for physical development.  Alice is able to share her knowledge of pregnancy and labour.    Sarah  

Bucks Pilates is a great way to stay fit in a lovely gentle way in pregnancy and to meet new mum friends too!  EK  

Alice teaches very informative sessions, that manage to be challenging and gentle on us pregnant ladies! Bucks Pilates is a great place to discuss practically our hopes and fears. SB 

Just wanted to say thank you to Alice and Bucks Pilates for running such lovely and informative classes. I really enjoy them. Sarah

Bucks Pilates offer a very good balance between exercises designed to improve your posture and flexibility but also to make you feel toned and strong.  TS

Alice is always welcoming, knowledgeable and remains professional throughout. She really cares about her clients and is an asset in her field.  CL 

The Bucks Pilates classes give me a challenging workout, but are enjoyable with the right mix of music. BS

Bucks Pilates classes are informative and Alice makes everyone feel welcome.  JG  

Mum and Baby Pilates

The Bucks Pilates Mother and Baby class was very enjoyable and it is nice to be able to do something for me with my baby there. EY

Bucks Pilates classes offer a really good balance of exercises that are quite gentle but it feels like we are actually doing something! They are something! They are also calm and friendly with Alice providing just the right amount of information and discussion.  Ione

Alice delivers a lovely, relaxing class which really challenges my core and helps me get back to my old self.  JR

Bucks Pilates and Alice’s classes are very good.  The classes are held in convenient locations.  NN

A grounding class with positivity, and energy that also makes you fit, strong and peaceful. A lovely combination of exercise and relaxation and balance.  GL


The Bucks Pilates class is great for getting back to exercise after having a baby and to strengthen the core, would definitely recommend and Alice is great.   KAW

Bucks Pilates classes are friendly and Alice is a very approachable teacher. The lessons are very enjoyable.  HME

Alice creates a friendly, calm and open environment. Bucks Pilates classes are pitched at the right level and I love them - thank you!  RR

Bucks Pilates and Alice enabled me to get to know other mums from the area.  The posture and anatomy discussions were really great, as well as what to expect from your body post delivery.  MP 

Alice’s choice of music is great and her classes are fun. RS

I love Alice and Bucks Pilates Mother & Baby and Fitness classes! It is unlike anything I've done before but so effective, I really feel it the following few days and I am pretty convinced that this will make a huge difference and give me a more streamlined look! Fatima

Beginner Pilates

Bucks Pilates classes are friendly.  Alice manages to teach the bespoke lessons to your level within a group and the information shared is very informative VB

Fitness Pilates

Alice’s classes have a welcoming atmosphere and the exercises are challenging without being impossible. I love it.  Madeleine

Alice provides a calm and relaxed manner to her classes, which are held in lovely locations. I am 100% a complete Pilates convert and can honestly say that attending her classes over the last two years has really helped with my core strength, pelvic floor and controlling my 'mummy tummy'. Thank you, Bucks Pilates!  KS

Alice's classes are unique in that they are targeted at and attended by younger people than the usual Pilates class. Therefore, the music more relatable, the pace is faster and the vibe is perfect for women in their 20s/30s/40s.  EC

Alice is a lovely teacher! The benefits are clear.  MJ

The Bucks Pilates classes are great.  I really enjoyed them.  ST

The Bucks Pilates classes are great for posture and core strength. Alice ensures that the programme compliments other exercise routines.  JA

Alice is a great teacher and has a natural way with people. She is able to talk through the exercises in a way which we can all understand. Whilst I joined the classes to strengthen my body, my mind has benefited in equal measure: being able to focus on the present, means I leave the class with more energy than I entered.  Tara 

The Bucks Pilates classes with Alice are brilliant.  Great pace – you know you have had a workout, but still a great mental relaxation at the same time.  CR   

I feel taller and stronger, and hoping I stand straighter!  I love Alice’s Pilates and I can’t imagine ever stopping.  JA

Alice’s classes cater for all abilities and she is supportive if you need any help.  

Alice’s classes are a perfect one hour of me time.  Alice’s classes are always full of variety and I come away feeling like I might ache the following morning. HH