mum and moving tots pilates - workout without the need for

Bring your crawling baby, toddler or pre-school children!


Your tummy will be flatter, your bottom will be firmer, your legs and arms will be leaner and stronger. You will feel taller, and energised after your much deserved ‘you-time’.

You will burn fat, increase your metabolism, feel like you have had a fantastic work out! Get the MOST out of your hour! 

Plus, you don't need to pay for childcare! 


What about my child?

My Mum and Tots Pilates Class is designed with you in mind and is a lovely way to meet other like minded mum and have a good work out without needing childcare. 

All children are welcome! Crawling babies, toddlers, pre-schoolers and even older children! 

I provide a bag of toys the children can play with. 

Feel free to bring along a few toys or entertainment in case you child wishes to sit to the side.  

If your child prefers to sleep at this time,feel free to bring their buggy / travel cot. 

As a mum of 3 and a Primary school teacher, I have many years of experience with little ones and absolutely adore this age and can’t wait to meet your little ones!