High Intensity / Barre / Fitness Pilates

Your tummy will be flatter, your bottom will be firmer, your legs and arms will be leaner and stronger. You will feel taller, and energised after your much deserved ‘you-time’.

You will burn fat, increase your metabolism, feel like you have had a fantastic work out! Get the MOST out of your hour!

“Is HIIT Pilates for me?”

                                                                                 ……..oh yes!

My HIIT Pilates (High-Intensity Interval Training) have taken off at an incredible rate!

I LOVE teaching them and the results are HUGE!!

Here are my top 5 reasons why Pilates and HIIT is a winning combination!

1 Make the most of your precious hour of ‘you-time’

At Bucks Pilates your HIIT session you will maximise your hour!

30 minutes of Pilates followed by 30 minutes of High Intensity / Barre / Fitness Pilates 🙂

2 Pilates is The Perfect Time Filler

In HIIT we have to allow rest periods where the heart rate drops back down in a cyclical manner. Why sit there doing nothing in those rest periods when you could be doing Pilates in those breaks – that’s multitasking right there!

3 Pilates Improves Body awareness

Some HIIT exercises on their own, by the nature of them being completed in quick speed, can be a little tricky to get right.

Pilates teaches you to know exactly where your body is in space and therefore how to improve your technique of said exercises. HIIT workouts are carried out much more safely when an understanding of how your body moves is considered.At Bucks Pilates all  moves can be modified safely for the postnatal ladies!

4 Pilates targets your musculoskeletal strength

It helps to develop muscles in a balanced, intelligent way. HIIT targets your cardiovascular system. Therefore together they build a body that is safe, fit, healthy and less at risk of injury.

5 The Combination Targets Both Large And Small Muscle Groups

In HIIT we tend to use large, global muscles to elevate the heart rate so you will find many HIIT exercises are focussed on toning your lower body… think toned legs, pert bottom!!  In Pilates the focus is the core. Combine those two together, with some arm exercises thrown in for good measure and you have a full body focus.