Beginner Pilates

A fantastic Beginners Pilates Programme to introduce you to the HUGE benefits of Pilates.

Beginner Pilates classes are all about striking a balance – giving you not only a great workout but also the  support, encouragement and reassurance that every beginner needs. These classes will get you used to the correct exercise techniques at a comfortable pace, putting you in a stronger position to progress to the improver class.​

You will:

• strengthen your core

• have an awareness of good posture

• strengthen pelvic floors

• strengthen your upper back

• mobilise the lower back and thoracic (middle) spine

• stretch muscles prone to tightness

• focus on your body enabling you to  understand it better

How will I benefit from the Beginner Pilates Programme?

Your tummy will be flatter, your bottom will be firmer, your legs and arms will be leaner and stronger. You will stretch and release tension, feel taller, energised and refreshed after your much deserved ‘you-time’. Amersham Beaconsfield Chesham