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About Alice


Hi there! My name is  Alice and I am the founder of Bucks Pilates. I am a mum of three little pickles and have a HUGE passion for Pilates. I am on a mission to help my local community reap the benefits of Pilates. Beginner? Pregnant? New mum? Grandparent? Child? Teenager? Aches and pains? Wanting to shape up? 

I am 100% dedicated to starting or enhancing your Pilates journey. 

I am qualified as a   BSc Health Science (hons)  Pilates Teacher and a Pregnancy and Postnatal Specialist. Combining my experience as a Mum, Pilates Teacher and School Teacher I  create and plan specific Pilates Programmes to allow every client to reach their full potential. 

It is such a privilege to  have helped 1000s of ladies stay fit and healthy throughout their birth, providing them with strategies and support to enable a positive birthing experience and help speed up their recovery in my Mum and Baby Pilates classes, getting them back to their pre-pregnancy shape, size and strength  progressing them to an Intermediate and Advanced level of class.

I can't wait to meet you at one of my classes and help you on your way to your individual goal.



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